Ready To Split With Your Spouse? [read this first]

{}(The following is a transcription from a video I recorded with Toni Nieuwhof. Please excuse any typos or errors.) In this article I’m sharing my interview with Toni Nieuwhof. We chatted about the new book that she wrote. She’s a family law mediator and a former divorce attorney. So, she has a lot of insight here on this whole thing of marriage. Toni is a co-host of a Smart Family … [Read more...]

TurboTax 2020 vs Credit Karma Tax: Which is better?

{} Nearly 50% of all Americans prepare and file their own taxes each year. This number is increasing because tax preparation software like Credit Karma Tax and TurboTax 2020 are reducing the barriers to self-prepared returns. But, which is better – Credit Karma Tax or TurboTax 2020? It depends.  Credit Karma Tax is better if: You take the standard deduction or You itemize just the common … [Read more...]

The Ultimate Bundle: Over 75 books worth $1,000+ for just $29

I am excited to be partnering on the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle for the next few days.  It really is an amazing collection of eBooks, courses, printables, and a lot more that you can pick up for $29. There are so many great books from Best-Selling authors, bloggers with millions of followers, and true experts in a variety of topics. Click here to see all the books/courses/printables included! The … [Read more...]

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