What Next? How to Find Ideas for Your Blog Posts

{}When you first start blogging, you feel as if you’re standing before a well of endless money making ideas. After all, you love writing, you love your topic, and you love sharing what you know. You foresee weeks and months and even years of hosting a popular, prosperous blog.  Except the well runs dry. Not just the occasional dry spell that occurs when you’re tired, and magically resolves itself … [Read more...]

4 Ways to Bootstrap Your College Startup

{}Some of the biggest companies in the world begin as crazy ideas in college dorm rooms. College is meant to inspire people to greatness and creating a successful business is just one way people achieve that. Of course, the road to success has a lot of speed bumps and, for college startups, those speed bumps often involve money. It should come as no surprise that cash is short for companies … [Read more...]

There are Hundreds of Personal Finance Tools, These 3 Do Everything and More

Many people live from paycheck to paycheck and they’ll be looking forward to earning more money so that they won’t have to worry about unpaid bills ever again. However, more money is not always the solution to money problems. The key to solving money problems is knowing where your money goes so that you can know if your expenses are rising faster than your income. Irrespective of how … [Read more...]

3 Reasons You May Want to Consider Buying a House in Graduate School

3 Reasons You May Want to Consider Buying a House in Graduate School Congratulations! You just got an email informing you that you are among the select few applicants starting graduate school. You’ll be heading back to familiar grounds as a mature (hopefully wiser) student. You get to upgrade your employability and still earn some money in on the side. But then, something throws cold water … [Read more...]

4 Tips for Surviving Grad School without Much Money Worries

Graduate school will require more intensive focus, commitment, and dedication than your undergraduate days in college. Hence, surviving graduate school can be particularly tiresome if you also have to contend with financial worries. Unfortunately, many people in graduate school have money matters high on the list of their worries because the funds available are always low and the bills to pay are … [Read more...]

How Do Graduates Fare Financially?

Graduates have a lot to contend with. For starters, it’s a highly competitive academic arena and then you’ve got to get out there in the real world and make it count. It’s a lot of responsibility to put on to somebody’s shoulders, but if you play your cards right you can emerge well positioned to take on your student loan debt and start building a solid foundation for your life. Before we get … [Read more...]

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