When Is it Time to Hire Out for Social Media Posts for Your Business?

How does a small business know when it’s time to hire out for a social media manager? Someone who can know the business inside and out and be able to post pictures, stories, images, etc. to promote the brand on social media networks. Many small businesses may not want to spend the money to invest in someone to manage it for them. After all, they have been doing it for months or years. But as they … [Read more...]

How the Restaurant Industry Will Make a Comeback by the End of 2021

One of the hardest-hit sectors during the COVID-19 pandemic was the restaurant industry. The nature of the way people dine out upended overnight. Establishments everywhere scrambled to keep money flowing into an already tight margin business model.  The pandemic hit full-service restaurants the most. National Restaurant News reported more than 79,438 restaurants in the United States closed … [Read more...]

Building Brand Recognition Using SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is something you cannot fail to put into consideration if you want to increase company brand awareness. For many people, SEO is the last thing on their minds when it comes to building brand recognition. However, this is a powerful marketing channel that can greatly increase the reach and trustworthiness of your company. We have compiled a list of the best SEO tips … [Read more...]

Establishing Your Own Business

Starting your business without prior experience or knowledge can lead to problems in establishing yourself as an equal contender in the market. Many of the most successful business entrepreneurs have worked hard and long to build their businesses and careers. Nevertheless, no matter who you are or what sort of business you are trying to kickstart, you’ll most likely realize that it is a … [Read more...]

The Difficulties and Solutions With Raising Funds Online

What are the challenges of fundraising online? Keeping cash flowing into your nonprofit is one of the biggest hurdles you’ll face as a charity. With more people staying home and sponsorships moving to a digital model, additional issues arise.  According to the Blackbaud Institute Index, charitable giving saw a 25.3% increase in the last year. For several years, digital donations rose steadily. … [Read more...]

How Small Businesses And Startups Can Find And Approach Clients On Linkedin

LinkedIn is the world’s largest network for professionals and businesses with an extensive user base of 675+ million users worldwide. Not only has it become one of the most sought-after hiring platforms but also a platform to generate sales and marketing. Yet the small business owners are not as active on Linkedin as they should be. This is probably because they aren’t aware of the network reach … [Read more...]

How to Start a Profitable Google Ads Account for Your Shopify Store

Starting a Shopify eCommerce website is becoming more popular every day. The tools at the user‘s disposal make creating this store more accessible than ever. The real challenge is driving the correct traffic to the website and finding your ideal customers.   Whether you are looking to promote your new product or have an existing store but haven‘t ventured to Google Ads, we‘ll … [Read more...]

7 Tips to Make Financial Decisions Easier For Senior Citizens

Managing finances for senior citizens can be quite a task. It is important to help them effectively sort out their finances so that they can enjoy their retirement in peace. The senior citizens may be prone to financial scammers who may reap off the senior citizens of their lifetime savings, which would leave them devastated. Also, senior citizens may have a unique problem that may deter them from … [Read more...]

How a Lawsuit Can Affect Your Online Business

No one enjoys being sued, but this is especially true when your online business is at stake. A lawsuit will affect you long after the final judgment has been declared. It’s vital to know what to expect so that you can be prepared to do damage control.   Photo credit Brand When you start an online business, reputation plays a crucial role in how successful it’ll be. The reason for this is mostly … [Read more...]

The Business Owner’s Guide to Twitter

{}... or, "Why SPI is Joining Twitter." Here's how we're using Twitter to grow the SPI brand, and how you could do the same for your business. The post The Business Owner’s Guide to Twitter appeared first on Smart Passive Income. Article by Smart Passive Income. Read entire story here. … [Read more...]

Get Paid To Write (20 Verified Resources in 2021)

Do you want to get paid to write? One of the most lucrative ways to generate income with the internet is with freelance services. I’m sure you have your favorite list of sites, but you may want to check the following resources. Here are the places where you can be paid to write, divided into levels of writing skills (based on my experience). Just click on any of the following links, to jump … [Read more...]

The Most Important Metric for Your Membership Community

{}How do you know if your membership community is succeeding? Here's how to get started tracking the right metrics for your community. The post The Most Important Metric for Your Membership Community appeared first on Smart Passive Income. Article by Smart Passive Income. Read entire story here. … [Read more...]

What is a Solo 401K Plan?

This plan is meant to help people who are self-employed and who do not have even a single employee get the ability to save for their retirements. The plan helps people, such as independent contractors, freelancers, side-job contractors, and solo entrepreneurs. Most of such people had to rely solely on their work, and as a result, upon retiring, they would not have any savings.  How to apply for a … [Read more...]

5 Side Hustles You Might Want to Pursue

Do you need to make a little extra money aside from your primary job? Side hustles are a great way to earn some cash to get you through lean times, overcome a sluggish period in your business or see if something might work for a full-time gig.   The pandemic has changed the way people spend their time. Whether their hours were reduced or they simply have the time to start that company they always … [Read more...]

Ways to Get More Passive Income from Your Blog

Your blog could be more than just a place to write down your thoughts and opinions or promote your brand; instead, you can use it as a tool to make passive income. This means that you can set up ways to make money through your blog and then sit back and wait for the money to come in without having to put any work into the process. Keep reading for a few ways that you can get started. Image link … [Read more...]

How to Support Your Marketing Efforts All Year Long

As the year goes on, you’ll likely deal with a variety of market conditions — changing consumer preferences, the impact of holidays and the occasional business slowdown will all have big impacts on how many sales you make and what people tend to buy.  This means that your marketing strategy may need different kinds of support as the year goes on. Switching up your marketing strategy as the seasons … [Read more...]

The Definitive Guide to Writing Roundup Posts That Go Viral

If you’re struggling with your blog and wondering what on earth it takes to break through the noise and get noticed, keep reading. Because in this post I’m going to show you exactly how to create a post that: Taps into the subscriber lists of people with massive followings Quickly build relationships with key influencers in your niche Positions you as an expert through the power of association … [Read more...]

A Tour into the World of Instagram Affiliate Marketing

Are you aware of the world that exists within the realm of Instagram called Instagram affiliate marketing? Well, sit back and relax because I am going to tell you all about it. As a matter-of-fact Instagram is one the top trending social media platforms which grabs the attention of hundreds of millions of people, and therefore Instagram affiliate marketing is one the top stops for influencers to … [Read more...]

Services With Virtual Numbers For Creating A Linkedin Account

You probably have already heard about free SMS sites. If so, this article will come in handy for you. Web-platforms that provide their users with temporary phone numbers allow them to avoid SMS verification using their real numbers. You can register on some of these websites and receive SMS without spending a penny. Receivesms.co This service offers its customers to select a country from the list … [Read more...]

Why Is On-brand SEO Writing Critical For Your Business? Let’s Do a Full Analysis!

Let’s cut to the chase: SEO writing or SEO copywriting is a crucial part of your on-going SEO strategy, and if done right, it can play a big role in the success of your business. In this digital era, SEO or search engine optimization reigns as the mile marker deciding how popular & visible content should be. Naturally, the best brands are aware that they need great SEO copywriting services to … [Read more...]

Chalene Johnson, AskPat 300 and This Week’s Upcoming Webinars!

Happy Monday everyone! Today is a recovery day for me before I get back into the thick of things tomorrow, so I just have a few quick updates and announcements for you here in this post. Recovery from What? Well – over the weekend I had the pleasure and honor of speaking at the Smart Success Seminar, a 3-day event put on by Chalene Johnson and her husband Bret. It. Was. AWESOME! Chalene is a … [Read more...]

SPI 153: Systematizing – Pat and Mindy Talk AskPat and Our Productive Workflow

The Smart Passive Income Podcast has been nominated for a Top Business Podcast Award! Please help the show by visiting PodcastAwards.com and find Smart Passive Income in the Business Category to cast your vote! You can vote daily through March 24th, and if you’d love to be reminded to vote each day, sign up at iVoteForPat.com and I’ll send you a quick reminder email. That list will be … [Read more...]

The Best Kind of Question to Ask to Increase Engagement

Have you ever watched a game show on television by yourself? If you’re like most people, you probably have at some point in your life. They’re a lot of fun! And even though we hardly ever know who the contestants are on the show, it can hold our attention for quite a long time. Now, another question for you… While watching a game show by yourself, have you ever said an answer out … [Read more...]

SPI 154: Behind the Scenes of SPI TV with Caleb Wojcik – Gear, Numbers, and Production Tips

This week’s guest is the amazing Caleb Wojcik, the video mastermind behind DIYVideoGuy.com and the videographer for my latest project, Smart Passive Income TV. Caleb and I have been working together on various projects for years, but never have I been more excited about anything video related until SPI TV. Since we launched SPI TV a few months ago, Caleb’s helped me take my existing … [Read more...]

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